Jewelry Making Can Help Your Health!

11th Nov 2014

If you can't tell, here at Beads, Metals and More, we absolutely love everything about jewelry making. Whether you're a beginner just learning the jewelry making trade, or you're an experienced jewelry maker, we have all the jewelry making tools you need! Jewelry making is a wonderful hobby for any age! Stringing beads can be very cathartic and it can do everything from relieving stress to increasing agility. Here are a few other ways that jewelry making can help your health.

1. Jewelry making is very therapeutic and can relieve stress levels. The cathartic process of making jewelry releases a chain reaction of brain stimulation that's even been known to calm down children who are suffering from ADHD. Researching say stringing beads is a great relief of stress and gives a great sense of serenity.

2. You can increase your brain stimulation by jewelry making. Maintaining and stimulating your brain is very important, especially as a person grows older. Jewelry making provides for great brain stimulation as it has been show to decrease the risk of cognitive impairment in senior citizens.

3. Jewelry making leads to improved creativity that you can harness in other places in your life! Making jewelry includes picking what type of design you want to create and then going through the process of creating it with a myriad of beads and metals.

4. Jewelry making is a wonderful tool for those who need to improve their physical agility or those who are undergoing physical therapy in their hands or wrists.